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What's up, Putin, with Google in Russia?


Google recruits in Russia. The company says this happened because Russia froze local bank accounts and closed local offices.

Google says confiscated bank accounts make it hard for Russian firms to pay staff. Not paying merchants and suppliers.

"The seizing of Google Russia bank accounts by Russian authorities has left our operations in Russia unable to operate," a Google spokeswoman stated. (20/6/2022).

Google services work in Russia. Google's office in Russia is shuttered, yet Search, Youtube, and Maps will still be utilized there.

"Google Russia has declared bankruptcy. Russians depend on our free services to obtain great information, and we'll continue to provide Search, Youtube, Gmail, Maps, Android, and Play "less

Why Russia froze Google's accounts is unclear. Mashable asked the firm for clarification.

Youtube demonetized Russian state-owned channels after the Ukraine invasion. It also restricts Ukrainian channels and access.

The Russian authorities accused Google of delivering fake war advertising. Google suspended all advertising in the nation after receiving the request.