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The UK CMA will probe Apple and Google for potential cloud gaming dominance


In this day and age, practically everyone owns a smartphone that they keep with them at all times. These technologies are so ingrained in our everyday lives that it's virtually impossible to think about them outside of our own experience. In these doom scrolling times, our phones are simply there, like a constant.

However, when it comes to market dominance and consequently control, the smartphone sector is a bit unusual. Given the enormous scale of the industry, there isn't much competition when you consider that most consumers possess a smartphone that is likely running one of two software options.

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Because of this grip, the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) plans to initiate an inquiry into Apple and Google's dominance of the mobile industry. Andrea Coscelli, Chief Executive of the CMA, underlined the current worries about market dominance.

"When it comes to how consumers use mobile phones, Apple and Google hold all of the cards. Regardless matter how outstanding many of their services and products are, their strong hold on mobile ecosystems allows them to keep out rivals, slowing the British tech industry and restricting choice."

She also discussed how these companies manage people's browser behavior and cloud gaming. There have been several worries voiced about Google and Apple's capacity to withhold access to start-ups developing smartphone apps and programs. Especially in the world of cloud gaming, where many are just breaking into the burgeoning sector.

All of this contributes to an increasingly unequal grip on the markets over which these large corporations have complete control. Even though Apple is no longer the world's most valuable firm (opens in new tab), those unique earnings cannot be denied.

The CMA's inquiry is subject to severe standards that must be followed in order to be compliant. It will be a thorough inquiry conducted by CMA members that must be finished within a specific time frame. Its purpose is to determine whether a market contains qualities that may have a negative impact on competition, and it appears that they may have a valid argument when it comes to smartphone dominance.

Following an examination, the CMA can impose adjustments on businesses, propose legislation, and even implement significant structural solutions for these problems when necessary. These can involve firms selling off pieces of their operations. So, depending on the CMA's conclusions, we might see significant changes in the future for smartphones.